One of the worst things you can do to your online presence is start a blog and never update it. It'd be better to have a static webpage (although those become increasingly embarrassing as your CV ages) than to have a blog and never update it.

That said, we're all busy and it's hard to see the value that a blog creates. It's easy to understand the value of blogging (in a vague, hand-wavy way) if you're the face of a company, if you're an artist, or an academic who cares about outreach. Here's some perspective that make it clearer for the rest of us:

We are all creators.

Think about your day. What did you make? Did you write something? Did you sort through interesting things online and share some of them? Did you make a sandwich? I bet you're making things all the time without realizing it. What interesting story can you tell about what you created today?

Blogging is the habit of writing.

Many of us wish to be better writers. The best way to improve is to do. Blogging is a great way to toe those waters without a huge commitment. This is important - we all struggle with big commitments (it's hard to forget how important or impactful larger works are). Habits (especially creative ones!) are nothing more than expectations we set for ourselves. Expectations are powerful things. How we set them, how we meet them, and how we handle things when we can't hit them tell people important things about us. Setting small ones for yourself (like blogging) and meeting them (by posting regularly) reinforces a story: I am the sort of person who does the things I say I will.

Be the sort of person who does the things you say you will, when you say you'll do them.

That's all it takes to stand out from the crowd (never lie, be concise). If you start a blog, keep it up. If you can't do that, get rid of your blog.

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