Human-like generalization in a machine through predicate learning


Back on the wagon

So there's been a content and research gap round these parts because a bunch of stuff happened.


It's been a hard time for focus, lately.

Nintendo didn't attack Zoe Quinn - gamergate did

Okay, so - a couple of Paper Mario screenshots from a recent Nintendo event have been floating around. They were carefully juxtaposed in a way that strongly suggests a reference to the vile abuse Zoe Quinn suffered at the hands of gamergate (a controversy where a lying bitter ex managed to channel all the impotent white male rage at a lady and the gaming industry before Donald Trump began gorging himself on their ignorance).

Conferencing, candor, and care

I'm sitting in my AirBnB in Quebec after a fruitful Cog Sci. Conferences just kill me - even a four day with a single talk leaves me feeling super drained; I slept in until noon and didn't leave for my poutine quota until 8ish. Funnily enough, the more a conference kills me, the more fruitful it was.

Let's quantify fruitful:

Rejection and Superpowers

I was rejected for the NSF GRFP. When I got the notification, I opened the nice beer and great chocolate I had set aside.

Sanity check yourself before you nervous wreck yourself

A ton of academics talk about imposter syndrome - the belief that you're tricking everyone around you into thinking you're way better than you are, as good as they are, and the fear that they'll discover this ruse and cast you out.

Habits are expectations we set for ourselves

One of the worst things you can do to your online presence is start a blog and never update it. It'd be better to have a static webpage (although those become increasingly embarrassing as your CV ages) than to have a blog and never update it.

Recipe Inspiration Dump

Here are a bunch of recipes I love or would love to try!

Customizing graphs with ggplot2

R & ggplot2 go great together, but the resulting graphs often feel like they could use a makeover. Don't worry - we're here to help!